Because it had been sitting in our fridge for a few weeks, waiting for a special moment. Because September flew by in an unexpected flurry, and special moments seemed hard to find. Because Thursday night is just as special as Saturday night.


Opening the Champagne after bedtime, talking and laughing, not reading or watching Netflix, not discussing big decisions but just chatting about life. Champagne on a Thursday night was what we needed to remember ourselves. Before marriage and kids, people told us to keep our relationship at the center, and some days and weeks seem harder to remember that advice than others.

So, maybe we need more Thursday night Champagne nights to remember what we love and how we started as newlyweds: Celebrating for no reason, chatting and laughing into the night (or, now 9:30…) and remembering why we choose to do life together.

How do you celebrate in the midst of the mundane?

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