The Value of Creating Flexible Rhythms

If last fall was filled with new challenges, this fall was filled with recreating those challenges. We did the Whole30 again; I wrote for 31 days again; we've reestablished bedtime and wake-up routines, though slightly different since our schedule is slightly different. The biggest difference between forming a habit the first time and re-forming a … Continue reading The Value of Creating Flexible Rhythms

A Call to Live Small and Practice Peace at Home

Last week was fall break. We had no plans - no playdates, no excursions, just lots of lazy pajama mornings and slow-paced days. On Monday, I woke up with a migraine headache. I've gotten these since I was eleven years old, to varying degrees of intensity and frequency. The commonality is that my vision is … Continue reading A Call to Live Small and Practice Peace at Home

A Blessing for Community

On Sundays, I thought I’d highlight a blessing to start our week. Since this series ends on Tuesday, I thought I'd post a song that embodies what I've learned in this month. The Wailin' Jennys song, One Voice came to mind. For me, it's a beautiful image of how we're created to live in community. … Continue reading A Blessing for Community

Who Is My Neighbor?

I just took a class about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and I'll be sorting through those ideas and perspective for a long time. Partly, because the class was taught by a Palestinian-Muslim woman and so I'm learning to take what she has told us about her experience as truth and also listen to the perspective and … Continue reading Who Is My Neighbor?

Bridging the Gap

The other day I went on a field trip with our Family Literacy program to the Museum of Nature and Science. We have had a membership here since Bea was little. One of our favorite activities is exploring the dioramas, the hall of life, and the dinosaurs. As I was talking with other moms, I … Continue reading Bridging the Gap

The Power of Stories to Enlarge Our World

If you've been around here for even a day or two, you know I can talk books and books all the time. I truly believe reading and engaging in perspectives outside our usual thinking can help change the world. Today, I'm over at SheLoves Magazine sharing some of my journey of reading diversity. Here's an excerpt, … Continue reading The Power of Stories to Enlarge Our World

The Blessing of Curiosity

When I was in Nepal, some friends came to visit and we decided to take an airplane flight around Mt. Everest. I wasn't much of a hiker then, so even trekking to Base Camp didn't hold much of an appeal. But I knew I wanted to see the highest peak in the world. The flight … Continue reading The Blessing of Curiosity

Reframing the Story Arc

Have you ever played that game, If you could only have one book forevermore on a desert island, which one would it be? Sometimes, I feel like I'm playing that game with the girls. We listen to the same song over and over again in the car; Elle always reads Goodnight, Moon or Quiet Time with … Continue reading Reframing the Story Arc

A Blessing for Walking Humbly

On Sundays, I thought I’d highlight a blessing to start our week. This week’s theme is walking humbly and this song from Heatherlyn Music immediately came to mind. Heatherlyn was our artist in residence at church a year ago and her music has changed the way I worship. EVER by Heatherlyn Music Peace, ever Joy, ever Following you … Continue reading A Blessing for Walking Humbly

Engaging in Uncomfortable Topics

Sometimes the idea of befriending the checker at the grocery store or volunteering with refugees seems too daunting. It may be outside my comfort zone to strike up a conversation in the park or I may not have enough extra hours to volunteer somewhere. Does this mean learning about people who believe differently, who look … Continue reading Engaging in Uncomfortable Topics