Capital G

On my phone, the word grace autocorrects to capital-G Grace. I don’t know if that’s standard or if it’s because we have a niece whose name is Grace, so I manually changed it enough to make it automatic. In any case, every time I send a text or write a comment using my phone, grace is changed to Grace.

I’d noticed this change but had never really thought about it until the past few days. This week, Grace has been tough. From various communication breaks between friends and coworkers, I’ve been way more judgey and way less grace-full.

And then I really noticed the capital G. I’ve tried to be more cognizant of Grace this year. Some days it’s so easy and other days it’s just too difficult. On those difficult days – the ones I’ve chosen this word for – I need Grace with an important, capital G.

And so, with two days left in this week, I’m looking to turn around my judgement and try to use the lens of Grace.

How have you chosen Grace this week? Has autocorrect ever worked in your favor?