The View from My Kitchen Table

When you come to our house for dinner, depending on where you sit at the long farmhouse-style table, you'll get a certain glimpse into our life and values. Perhaps you'll sit facing the living room. You'll see a large photograph taken at Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Our friend took the photo looking up at the … Continue reading The View from My Kitchen Table

Finding Truth Close to Home

Last week I had an unexpected afternoon to myself. I ate a solitary lunch and was looking at my to-do list. It was filled with everything from cleaning and household tasks to writing and more creative endeavors. But all of those things made me feel antsy and I knew that I wouldn't be productive. I … Continue reading Finding Truth Close to Home

Advent Day 18: Genuine Joy

Is there genuine joy of giving in the way I handle Christmas shopping and gift-giving? What do I need to do to make my Christmas giving a source of joy for myself and others? Henri Nouwen, In Joyful Hope: Meditations for Advent Painting contributed by Shannon Maddox. Shannon is an artist and musician who lives … Continue reading Advent Day 18: Genuine Joy

Celebrating Strong Women: Weapons of My Warfare

Today's Strong Woman is Shannon Maddox, my first blogging friend. Shannon, aka “Auntie,” is a writer, artist, and musician whose 9 to 5 …well actually 5 to 9… job is as a Member Care Specialist at her local YMCA.  Her blog, The Iron Diva (, chronicles her ongoing quest for total health (and anything else … Continue reading Celebrating Strong Women: Weapons of My Warfare

Art Creates Empathy

One of my favorite memories growing up is sitting in front of my dad's reference books in his home studio, looking through his Jansen's History of Art while he drew. It was from his college days and the photos reflected its publication date. I remember looking at an image of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and … Continue reading Art Creates Empathy