Taking Time to Nest

Well, we are officially overdue. Bea was nine days late, so apparently we make babies who are content to bake as long as possible. Philosophically, I'm all about letting babies decide on their own when to enter the world. Emotionally, during a hot week at the end of July? I cannot wait to not be … Continue reading Taking Time to Nest

One Year

Today marks the one year anniversary of this little blog. Looking back, I'm amazed that I had enough stories and ideas to keep posting twice a week! One of my biggest concerns about starting a blog is that I wouldn't have anything to say. While some weeks have been a stretch, it's been a good … Continue reading One Year

What I’m Into 7:14

July is a month of celebrations in our family. We celebrate our anniversary, Daisy's birthday, my mom's birthday, and Bea's birthday. This year, in honor of our 5th, Frank and I took five days to explore Ouray in southwestern Colorado. We spent quality time hiking trails we can't do with Bea, conversing uninterrupted, driving through … Continue reading What I’m Into 7:14