Listening to Myself

I'm sitting on a blue and white striped bedspread in a sweet little room named Nantucket. Boats and fishing nets and white curtains and distressed wood decorate this small room. The window is open and I listen to the little creek running through the backyard. Last night, I arrived at this little bed and breakfast, just … Continue reading Listening to Myself

When A Bandaid Makes It Better

We go through a lot of bandaids in our house (a lot!) - to the point where we'll buy the Costco size of utilitarian bandaids and keep only one small box of fun, character printed ones. Once the fun box is out, Bea is stuck with the tan-colored ones. When the fun box is full, … Continue reading When A Bandaid Makes It Better

Taking the Wrong Path

When I was a novice mountain hiker, my dad and I took the wrong path up one of Colorado's high peaks. Realizing we were out of our league, we depended on the help of a more experienced stranger to get us to the summit and back to the correct trail. At the time, it rattled … Continue reading Taking the Wrong Path

Shoo Me, Daddy!

Mom? I think you're probably pretty jealous of me and Elle. Oh? Why? Because Daddy doesn't shoo you when he gets home. He only shoos me and Elle. One of our steadfast rituals when Frank gets home from work is that he must, no matter what, lift the girls high into the air. On the sound of the … Continue reading Shoo Me, Daddy!

Living a Content Life

Frank is getting ready to go on a multi-day hike in one of the most beautiful places I know, the Grand Tetons. And, I'm feeling jealousy creep in as the preparations build and the day creeps closer. I want a whole week off of parenting!! When's it my turn?! We're also definitely in the August part … Continue reading Living a Content Life

Hidden Treasures

One year, when I was an early teenager, we were visiting my grandparents. I remember pulling a box down from a high closest shelf with my grandma and opening its treasures. It was filled with memorabilia from her high school days at a boarding school back east. Assembly bulletins, a calendar filled with squares reading … Continue reading Hidden Treasures

Defining the Spirit of a Word

I come from a very creative family. My dad is an illustrator and my brother is a storyboard artist. My mom has an amazing eye for color and design and is able to make a small shift that turns an awkward space into an inviting one. When I hear the word create, I often think, Not me! … Continue reading Defining the Spirit of a Word

Dismantle and Replace

It's happened again. People killed without trial. Retaliation. Leading with fear. Responding with more fear. I read the news and wonder, How long? How many times? When will we learn?? Sides are taken. Names are called. People refuse to budge on The Big Issues. And the cycle continues and repeats. And I wonder, again, and again, … Continue reading Dismantle and Replace

Lazy Summer

After a month in no-schedule summer-mode, Bea's had a week of morning Vacation Bible School at her preschool. It's been a fun week - projects, games, seeing some of her teachers, and best of all: Hanging out with teenagers!! Because our mornings are full again, we haven't done much else. Both girls need afternoon naps, and … Continue reading Lazy Summer