Strong Women

celebratingRight before Elle was born in the summer of 2015, I realized I needed to plan a blogging break. Rather than leaving this space empty, I decided to share it with inspiring women so I asked a few friends to write guest posts. The women you’ll meet here are ones who immediately come to mind when I think of the type of woman I want my daughters to look up to. They are women who are successful for many different reasons, who face life with confidence, and who love people and value making this world a better place. After asking an initial month’s worth of guests, more and more women came to mind. I decided to keep this series going as long as possible.

Celebrating Strong Women (intro)

Maysha Dawson: My Journey

Kristin Menson: Strong is the New Sexy

Sarah Burton: Finding Your True Narrative

Kathy Swigle: Fear, Love, Strength

Kellie Van Atta: Learning from Differences

Kinita Schripsema: Becoming a Turtle

Mary Beth Rim: Grateful for Strong Legacies

Shannon Maddox: Weapons of My Warfare

Caroline Wenger: Daughters of Eve

Valerie Brown: Five Minutes to Happiness

Andrew Budek-Schmeisser: This Side of Heaven

Renata Pepper: How to Do It All

Kerri Dawson: Redefining Normal

Anna Pantano-Cotman: Letting Go of Certainty


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