Praying in Anticipation

Praying in-4Each day for the season of Advent, I’ll post a prayer or a picture or a reflection to highlight an area of our world that needs remembering. And I need your help! This won’t be powerful unless we raise our voices together. If there’s an area of the world or a conflict or a people group you feel should be represented, please write a prayer or reflection or create a piece of art. I’ll include it in our daily prayers as we wait in anticipation together.

Day 1: Modeling Hope
Day 2: Seeking Light
Day 3: Beyond Measure
Day 4: Finding Reconciliation
Day 5: Lasting Work
Day 6: Love Revealed
Day 7: Walking Alongside
Day 8: Messy Silence
Day 9: Hear Our Prayer
Day 10: Spirit of Welcome
Day 11: Nowhere to Lay
Day 12: Staying Attuned
Day 13: Open Arms
Day 14: Looking Up
Day 15: Laughter of God
Day 16: How Long
Day 17: You are Special
Day 18: Genuine Joy
Day 19: Tie Hearts Together
Day 20: Gift of Water
Day 21: Surrender Ideals
Day 22: Grace, Hope, & Peace
Day 23: Finding the Way
Day 24: Gentle Waiting
Day 25: Spirit of Waiting
Day 26: Thrill of Hope
Day 27: Snuggle Time



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