Live Your Strengths

Write 31 Days: Live Your Strengths

Write every single day for the month of October. It seems pretty daunting. After all, I barely am able to write twice a week. After watching others join this challenge, I decided this is the year I finally have time to do it. A little blogging experience; no newborn; a preschooler… The timing couldn’t be better!


My topic for October 2016 will be based on my StrengthsFinder results. I’ll spend about five days on each strength, telling stories, reflecting on how this looks in my own life. It’s a fairly loose framework, so we’ll see where these guidelines lead as the month progresses.

I’ll update this list as I publish so you can follow along, even if you miss a post. (Though the best way to keep in the loop is to subscribe to this blog. Just fill in your email address to the right. I only send out updates – nothing else!)

Introduction: Live Your Strengths
Day 2: Processing as a Habit
Day 3: Life Unplanned
Day 4: Thinking Before Collaborating
Day 5: Seasons of Quality Time
Day 6: Books that Reflect Intellection

Day 7: When You Can’t Learn From the Past
Day 8: Measuring Mothering Success
Day 9: The Need for Seasonal Friendships
Day 10: Stepping Away from Publishing Altars
Day 11: Books that Reflect Maximizer

Day 12: The Process of Learning
Day 13: Letting Go of Grades
Day 14: Raising Learners
Day 15: Learning to Be Choosy
Day 16: Books that Reflect Learner

Day 17: Creating Our Family Culture
Day 18: Sharing Faith By Living It
Day 19: Voting With Your Dollars
Day 20: Connected Consumerism
Day 21: Books that Reflect Connectedness
Day 22: Review: Assimilate or Go Home

Day 23: Remembering the Past and Learning from Experience
Day 24: Sometimes the Witch Gets the Prince
Day 25: My Favorite Era
Day 26: Planning for Spontaneity
Day 27: Books that Reflect Context

Day 28: Cultivating What Comes Naturally
Day 29: Surrounded By Weaknesses
Day 30: Finding Sustainable Practices
Conclusion: The Habit of Forming Habits

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