A Literary Life

Write 31 Days: A Literary Life

It’s been a season. With both girls in school (somewhat) I kept anticipating a beautiful rhythm and schedule. But that’s not how August and September have turned out. I’ve been leaning into being present and recognizing that sometimes being quiet is best. But I also want to recreate a rhythm and discipline. So, I’m here again joining the Write 31 Days community. This year, I’m doing my own “Write 23 Days” so that I can truly spend the weekends offline. That boundary has been good for me and my family and I’m not ready to give it up yet.

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In the spirit of reigniting creativity and keeping it fun, I decided to map out my Literary Life. I’ve thought of books that have impacted me over the years, starting in childhood. Some of these books were the actual book that sparked a change in thinking; other books represent a genre or series that impacted my perspective.

I hope this inspires you to map out your own literary journey and maybe you’ll add some new books to your to-read shelf.

Introduction: A Literary Life
Day 2: Meet Samantha: A Groundwork for Social Justice
Day 3: When Fiction Sparks Recognition (Historical Fiction)
Day 4: From Homemaker to Social Activist (Little Women)
Day 5: The Courage to Expand Horizons (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)

Day 6: When Literary Friends Teach Life Lessons (Anne of Green Gables)
Day 7: The Book That Changed My Life (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Day 8: Stretching My Thinking (The Giver)
Day 9: The Beginning of Social Justice Awareness (Journey of the Sparrows)
Day 10: When You Outgrow Books You Loved (The Fountainhead)

College & Twenties
Days 11 & 12: Changing the Way I Build My Library (The House on Mango Street & Life of Pi)
Days 13 & 14: Reframing How I Interact with This World (Half the Sky & Surprised By Hope)
Day 15: (Omnivore’s Dilemma)

Due to a week of unexpected family crises, I decided to give myself space and stop this series early. As a “finisher,” this was an incredibly difficult decision for me but it was also a reminder that life does happen and that we have to go with the flow. Maybe one day I’ll share the books that have impacted Motherhood and my thirties, but those titles will have to wait. Thank you for reading along for part of October!

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