What did you say?

Let's make a wise choice, Bea. What did you say? Why? Hey Bea, it's time to head out. What did you say? Why? I could keep going, but that's what our conversations are looking like these days. You would think after living together for three years plus nine months in-utero, Bea would trust me a … Continue reading What did you say?

When You Wear a Story, You Change the Story

On Monday, I shared my Earring of the Month Club experience. Today, I wanted to share a bit more of the story. Fair Trade Friday started by sending out boxes featuring 3-4 pieces of jewelry or accessories. They've since grown to include home goods and a kids box, as well. The Mercy Shop also carries items a la … Continue reading When You Wear a Story, You Change the Story

Change the World. Look Good Doing It.

I think I first became aware of fair trade products in college. My circle of friends consisted of political scientists and social-justice minded people who thought deeply about their purchases. As we talked about changing the world over cafes and wine, sustainability, fair wages, and intentional purchasing peppered our conversations. Once I had my first … Continue reading Change the World. Look Good Doing It.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

A friend and I were talking the other day about subscription gifts. With wedding season upon us and more and more people getting married later, gift giving looks a bit different. Most couples don't need new bedding or china - they've already bought what they need. We were talking about subscription services and how fun … Continue reading Gifts that Keep on Giving