Searching for Moments and Space

I’ve been writing and thinking a lot about pause and creating space lately. Mostly, this is because I’m not doing a very good job at actually creating these places in my day and so, I’m looking for moments that already exist.

IMG_8829From walking to school to the poetry I’m reading and all those other little moments, I’m learning to find what is already there.

It’s hard. In my mind, I know that every Tuesday, I have an hour and a half to write. And then it takes some time to settle in and I switch a quick load of laundry and… There’s always something else. For the most part, I’m pretty protective of my time. But I also love meeting up with friends because, without those face-to-face connections, community is hard. I use some of my “me time” to volunteer in Bea’s classroom because creating relationships with her teachers and classmates is a high priority.

In my imagination, I’d love to have a little writing shed in our yard or a weekend cabin to retreat to. Really, that shed would go unused because the reality of this phase of life is that all my work happens in the middle of everything, at the dining room table. And weekends are filled with all those little moments that create our family’s culture, not retreating somewhere on my own.

We were talking about this balance the other day in my MOPS group. Of loving these years and struggling to create time and space. Of pouring ourselves into our kids and families and recognizing those outside things that fill us with life and joy.

I’m leaning into these small spaces. It’s still frustrating on some days but the more I look for those moments that are already here, the more I seem to find.

How do you include moments for yourself in a busy day? What seasons did you find this easier or harder to do?

Linked with Five Minute Friday, a time to write without editing. Today’s prompt is “include.”


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Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

10 thoughts on “Searching for Moments and Space”

  1. Oh, does this resonate with me… I could have written it… (minus the little kids at home, because they aren’t.) and I look back, at when my kids were younger (I’m 42, but adopted older kids so I’m an empty nester pretty early) and I somehow had time to write. A lot. I met goals and deadlines, I accomplished stuff.
    And yet, I knew they were my priority so my goals were small.
    I knew this day would come, so I planned, plotted and waited.
    the last one is now out of the house. With all of this time, I should be able to just fall in to it.
    But I don’t.
    Because there isn’t time…
    It’s so very HUMAN how we just fill the gaps and spaces unintentionally. Perhaps it’s the way our curse has trained us. Perhaps it is some form of self sabotage.

    So, today I carve. Space. Time. And even if it is simply for 10 minutes today, I’ve done it. Wishing you peace and discipline in your quest as well!

    1. Thank you so much for this! It is so very human of us to fill the spaces, isn’t it? And a reminder that it always takes time and intention, no matter the phase of life… Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Annie – enjoyed your post. No matter the phase of life, the demands present or the distractions….there is always that seeking for balance, priorities and how to best use the hours we are given in a day! I thought it might get easier as an empty-nester; um, just different demands and even extra hours that make me think procrastinating is an okay option:)

    1. What?! It’s not easier? 😉 I love this reminder that it’s all about priorities, no matter the season. (And that it’s me, not my kids!) Thank you for your encouragement!

  3. My day is so fractured, I have to find moments that are already there. I love how you put that! Instead of creating them, use them. Include yourself in them instead of letting them pass by. I am going to think on this more. Thank you! #21

  4. It’s hard to find those moments of peace etc. I need to find those moments that are already there too. I’m in the 65 spot this week.

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