Champagne for Breakfast

As I learn more about the church calendar, I’m trying to be more intentional about leaning into the different seasons. I’m remembering to pause and breathe in Advent before the celebration of Christmas, to feast for Epiphany before the fasting of Lent, and to really think about what it means to be “Easter people.”

When I hear the phrase, “Easter people,” it usually is in the context of the biggest Sunday celebration – hymns and hallelujahs, fancy dresses and elaborate dinners. We proclaim the risen Christ! And then go back to life as normal on Monday.

Theologian N.T. Wright talks about how the church is really good at remembering and practicing Lent, of taking time to fast and prepare. But we aren’t as good at remembering the 40 days of Easter celebration. He says,

No, we should make Easter a forty-day celebration. If Lent is that long, Easter should be at least that long, all the way to Ascension. We should meet regularly for Easter parties. We should drink champagne at breakfast. We should renew baptismal vows with splashing water all over the place. And we should sing and dance and blow trumpets and put out banners in the streets. And we should invite the homeless people to parties and we should go around town doing random acts of generosity and celebration. We should be doing things which would make our sober and serious neighbors say, “What is the meaning of this outrageous party?”

(exerpted from Let the Easter Parties Begin! by Internet Monk)

I’ve written before about things that are saving my life. I love that mid-winter practice when it is easy to forget that so many small things bring joy and comfort. But it also takes on a connotation that life itself is not saving me. That I am bogged down. So, in this Eastertide, I want to remember five things that are bringing smile-to-my-face JOY. That are filling me with laughter and hope. That help me remember we are an Easter people.

IMG_85821) My Little Free Library
I had been wanting a Little Free Library ever since we moved into our neighborhood. Our house is on the corner of a cul-de-sac, right around from a busier intersection that leads to our elementary school and is on the way to the middle and high schools. We get a good amount of foot traffic and I wanted to encourage community through books. Last month, my dad built and installed our library and the girls helped paint it. I love watching the ebb and flow of books and the way it’s connected our neighborhood in this short time.

2) Sweet Sister Time
IMG_8615Lately, the girls have been on an awesome streak of playing together and caring for each other. Of course, we still have our sibling moments, but their bond is growing and it is so awesome to watch these girls become friends. They read together, imagine together, ride bikes and hold hands. We were at a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s the other day and they were content spending the entire morning together. Elle misses Bea while she’s at school and can’t wait to pick her up. She runs to Bea, jumps into her arms, and Bea swings her around as they both say, “Sisters!!”

3) Writing Friends
It’s just been in the past few months that I’ve really started stepping into an identity of “writer.” (I know, I know. If I write, I’m a writer. Easier said than done.) I’ve had the opportunity to chat with other moms who are writers, to help friends on their pretty amazing writing project, and am even dipping my toes into bigger and more serious ideas. I still don’t introduce myself as a writer but I’m getting closer…

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4) Rosé in the Basement
One of my favorite springtime celebrations is drinking rosé and eating runny cheese out in our yard while the girls run around. For Easter, Frank stocked us up with fun bottles and they’re just waiting for the end of tax season. Even though they haven’t made their way to the fridge yet, just knowing they’re ready and waiting gives me hope and happiness.

5) Generosity of Friends
I know that our community makes every single list of lifesavers but it’s for a good reason. I am blown away by the people who take care of us. A friend took Elle for the morning so I could make traction on a project and those 3 hours made all the difference! We’re heading to the mountains next week to get away and unwind after the tax deadline, thanks to the generosity of other friends. I am always amazed at how well our community cares for us, especially during these stressful seasons.

What about you? What is giving you JOY in this season? What keeps you smiling, even when you don’t realize it?


Published by

Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

17 thoughts on “Champagne for Breakfast”

  1. What a great post! We are having an extended winter here in the Northeast. There was snow today! In a few days, we hope to see more springlike–almost summerlike–temperatures. Our tendency is to wish one season away to get to the next one.

    I love having the seasons. I love doing something every year to mark each one.

    Thanks for a great post. God bless!

    1. Right? I’m learning to appreciate all seasons because there is something so lovely in each. The other day it snowed in the morning and then we were in t-shirts at my daughter’s track practice. Only in spring!

  2. Our 8 months old grandson is giving us great joy. We moved from VA to SC just to be near son, daughter-in-love and first grand baby. What a blessing!

    1. I love that you moved to be closer! My parents moved within 10 minutes of us when our oldest was 2 and I can’t imagine life without near-daily grandparent doses!

  3. Not my favorite season because as an avid skier, snowmobiler, etc.I love the snow. Easter is always the end of ski season and the beginning of mud season.

    So as far as a holiday goes, it’s low on my list. I’ll take Christmas over Easter anytime. Fresh snow, colored lights, extended time with family, etc.

    Of course, the holiday aspect aside, resurrection Sunday/Passover have far more spiritual significance to me, but I think that goes without saying.

  4. Annie, yours is a blessed life! And yes, we should celebrate Easter as often as we can; the hope it brought us is worth celebrating. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you.

  5. Dear Annie Rim,

    Just finished reading your excellent blog post “Champagne for Breakfast”.

    The church calendar is a great way of organising Bible reading etc.

    I’ve used it as an organising tool for a long time; therefore I loved to hear your thoughts on the topic.

    You have a lovely free library and a sweet daughter there 🙂

    Good friends mean everything.

    God bless!
    Edna Davidsen.

  6. Hi Annie!

    This is an awesome idea…I want some Champagne for breakfast, too, with a strawberry floating on top! I’d never heard of this idea before, the one N.T. Wright mentions of celebrating Easter through to the Ascension of Christ. (He is my favorite theologian, by the way!) What a great party this could be. I think I may try to incorporate some of these ideas for next Easter season… (I may need that long to plan for a lengthy party!).

    I think you and I must be kindred spirits. There are many similarities I share with you.

    I would love to place a Little Library in our front yard area, too. I just haven’t taken the time to do it, and don’t have a handy-man around to help. (My husband and I are all thumbs.)

    I also enjoy grappling with the faith, which is why I went back to school at the “ripe old age” of 50 to earn a Master’s degree in Apologetics. Let me tell you, studying apologetics (the defense of the Christian faith) will have you grappling about all kinds of faith-issues.

    You also struggle with feeling comfortable calling yourself a Writer – join the club! I think that is part of what writers do as we step out into the new territories that the Lord places before us. What comforts me greatly in this endeavor is His promise to never forsake us! He is with us in the ideas, in the creative process, and in the vulnerability of sharing our words with a critical world. This is what brings me the greatest joy – Emmanuel.

    Blessings to you!
    Lisa Q

    1. I love all the connections!! I’m learning to feast more in relation to our faith. It began as a way to help our daughters understand the Bible better and it’s grown from there.

      We are not at all handy, either!! I’m thankful my dad’s best friend is so it was their project! 😉 And, how amazing to get a master’s in Apologetics. I’ve often dreamed about something like that… Maybe one day?

  7. How wonderful it is to remember that God provides us with joy in all things, not just in the major, life-changing things. Thanks for this reminder to find joy today!

  8. I love the Library Box your dad made! What a memory that will always be for your children too! Intentionally celebrating the joy of Easter beyond one day is a wonderful idea, living out God’s want of joy and peace in our hearts. I’m joyful always for the time I can spend with my children and help with grandchildren, grateful to live close enough to do so!

    1. I’m trying to live out Easter in my everyday, rather than a once-a-year celebration… We let the girls paint one side of the library themselves and I know I’ll look back on that with such fondness! How wonderful that you get to be near your kids and grandkids – what a privilege.

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