Incorporating Habits into Routines

Next week is spring break. Will you rest during spring break? The family literacy teacher asked our class this opening question. The only woman in the room without kids, she was looking forward to a week of sleeping in, unstructured time with family and friends, and relaxing.

IMG_8552All the moms looked at her blankly. This was not a language misunderstanding; this was a life-circumstance disconnect. None of the moms in the room would sleep in or relax. If anything, our routines would be thrown off for the week and we would be filling long days that were usually helped by the school routine.

Normally, I love slow days. Even though we wake up at the same time, regardless of the weekend, weekday, or holiday, having a pajama morning is lovely. Easing into the day is more relaxing and I love the break in routine.

But I also need to go into next week remembering that it takes time to establish a vacation routine, too. That for as much as my kids need and thrive on unstructured play, having an unstructured routine can be stressful.

Lent is almost finished – just over a week until Easter. Every day, I’ve been reading through the book of Exodus, “giving up” some of my precious writing time to dive into the Bible. For the most part, I’ve been consistent, with just a couple make-up days. Now that I’ve established this routine, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll keep in its place.

Because that’s the point, right? Not to simply go back to old habits but to continue living intentionally, using my time wisely, and recognizing the power of habits and routines.

What kind of routine do you thrive on? And, are you able to sleep in on holidays or do you keep getting up at the same time?

Linked with Five Minute Friday, a time to write without editing. Today’s prompt is “routine.”


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12 thoughts on “Incorporating Habits into Routines”

  1. My little one isn’t in school yet she is only 2, but it seems like she can sleep in all week and then on the weekends when my husband turns off his alarm for some extra Saturday morning snoozing she is WIDE AWAKE at the crack of dawn! Gotta love these precious littles!!

    1. Haha! Our 2-year-old is similar! We just got that “Ok to Wake” alarm clock for her. It took some training but now she stays in bed until 6:30. We’re calling this a win. 😉 Funny how kids just want to be awake and ready!

  2. It is so true – moms look forward to the return to school so they can get back into their routine. I can remember those Monday mornings and taking a deep breath in. We need those breaks from routine to truly appreciate the blessing of routine. May we learn to truly embrace each moment, making the most of our time each day. I think this is my first time here and I am glad to have stopped here today! May you and yours have a blessed Easter!

    1. It’s true! I think the longer breaks are easier – because we can get into a non-school routine. We’ve only experienced full-time school for a year and it definitely spoils me, even though I miss our kindergartener. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Twenty dogs here, no break for me; illness has taken away energy for all else (including writing), but the dogs literally keep me going.

    I live to serve, and service keeps me alive. Odd, that.

    Or maybe not.

    1. I think dogs are worse than kids in some ways. Daisy gets antsy if we do sleep in, whereas we’ve finally trained the girls to stay in bed until 6:30. 😉

  4. Yes THIS: “Because that’s the point, right? Not to simply go back to old habits but to continue living intentionally, using my time wisely, and recognizing the power of habits and routines.” Great post!

    1. I’m not sure they have the vocabulary to do that… 😉 (The teacher is the one without kids. It was more of a situation where she doesn’t realize kids don’t take a break!)

  5. I look forward to breaks yet find myself feeling out of sync with the routine altered.My kids are older now so thankfully I can sleep a bit longer than normal.

    1. I’m kinda looking forward to the years when they want to sleep later. 😉 I feel like we establish a break routine just in time to go back to school!

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