Review: The Beautiful Word for Christmas by Mary DeMuth

Advent starts in exactly one month. In some ways, I feel fairly prepared this year. We’ve been doing this as a family for a few years now, so I have an idea of what works with young kids. We’ll light the candles, maybe move the Nativity, and color some pages. We’ll read the same stories from the same book because repetition is comforting.

_240_360_Book.2375.coverSometimes, in the midst of creating a beautiful memory for my kids, I forget to feed my own spirit during this season. I often rely on familiar texts, which are comforting but rote. So, when I saw that Mary DeMuth had written an Advent devotional, I was thrilled!

The Beautiful Word for Christmas is stunning with gorgeous calligraphy and watercolor illustrations on each page. The first fifty pages tell the story from Luke, about a young virgin’s visitation from an angel to the declaration of who this child will be to the shepherds visit on that first night in the manger.

I love that the book starts with scripture for easy reference throughout this season. While devotions are powerful, remembering the Biblical story is at the core of this book.

And the devotions are wonderful. Each day includes a scripture, a story that links to an applicable lesson or thought, a prayer, and an activity. Themes include receiving, contentment, worry, and stillness. They are short enough to read in the morning but will stick with you throughout the day.

If you’re looking for an Advent devotional that is beautiful enough for display and profound enough for a meaningful guide through this season, I’d recommend The Beautiful Word for Christmas.

What are some of your favorite Advent devotions?

I received this book free from the publisher via BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest opinion.


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6 thoughts on “Review: The Beautiful Word for Christmas by Mary DeMuth”

  1. Full disclosure: I am unaware of Advent Devotionals. It is not something I have been exposed to other than in church sermons through the holiday season. Having read your post and looked on line a bit I am intrigued. It sounds like something I would love incorporate in our home. As a Family we set up our tree, decorate, drink hot cocoa, and enjoy freshly baked cookies as we listen to Christmas Carols. So where do I start?

    1. I’ve been thinking a lot about your question… (I’ve been mulling over the idea of writing a “how to” book for Advent for about a year, but finding time has been tough!) I’ve you’ve never done Advent, I’d recommend starting small. Get 4 candles and put them on your dining room table. We started out with little candles in a tin when Bea was little but last year I found a gold wreath at Target that fits taper candles. (I order the traditional colors on Amazon but you could do anything!) Then, each night at dinner, light a candle and read a devotion. My favorite is Henri Nouwen’s “In Joyful Hope” but we do Ann Voskamp’s “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift” with the girls. Really, keeping it simple in the beginning is key – you can tweak and add to it as you figure out your family’s rhythms.

  2. Oh, I’m so glad to read this. I’m in the preparation mode too but not for little ones. I’ll be picking this up as it sounds like something that will minister to me as I prepare to share with others.

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