Enjoying the Noisiness of Summer

Different seasons have different volumes, don’t they? Winter is quiet, hibernating. We are in a set routine and getting out of the house feels more necessary in some ways. october 25, 2018party starts at 7pmSummer is loud, active. Even on days we don’t get in the car, we’re outside biking and climbing and getting wet.

In those quiet winter months, I appreciate the connection of places like Instagram, Facebook, and routine blogging. We’re already in a rhythm with school and regular activities and these fit naturally into place.

In summer, these same good things feel like more noise. Space feels harder to carve out and I don’t have the same amount of time or energy to devote to thoughtful planning and writing. I don’t think that’s a bad thing – summer is about making memories, no matter how small and I want to focus on those moments.

So, I’m intentionally taking the month of July “off” from blogging and regular social media check-ins. We’ll play and maybe I’ll post something randomly on Instagram but, really, I just want to stay focused and present without any feeling of deadlines.

I have a couple book reviews and a discussion post over at SheLoves for the Red Couch club. (We’re reading Threading My Prayer Rug by Sabeeha Rehman – join us? We have discussions going over at our Facebook group.)

I also want to take time to plan out my goals and vision for this space. How can I make it better? How can I (re)find my voice? Otherwise, things will be quiet around here and I focus on the noisiness of of our actual lives.

I hope your summer is filled with all the good noises, too! What are ways you focus on your actual life?


Published by

Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Noisiness of Summer”

  1. Annie, I hope you and yours have a wonderful summer! It sounds like you’re starting it with a terrific attitude.

    Blogging and social media are a huge part of my real life, as there’s not much else I can do. Certainly none of the energetic outdoor activities I used to enjoy, save taking care of the dogs, and that takes all of the energy I have and more.

    Same routine year-round; winter is colder and darker, summer is hotter and I don’t need a flashlight for their evening outings.

    I kind of like that consistency.

    Looking forward to seeing you again come August!

    1. I always feel weird separating “real life” from “online life” because they really are mixed together. I guess that’s why I hesitate to make a hardline break. 😉 But… Especially with small kids, I find it more stressful and frustrating than life-giving. Seasons, right?!

  2. How different that is from our summers that are not noisy but quiet and slower. I think it’s that the snowbirds have long gone so our beaches and roadways are less busy. No school also lightens the traffic of our daily commute. So interesting to hear your perspective on summer. Good time for you to enjoy every bit of that noise and be selective about the noise you allow.

    1. Ha! Wonder if that’s more geography or phase of life? I wonder what summers will look like when the girls are more independent? (I ask as Elle literally dances in my lap while I type this…) Learning that each season is completely different – learning to hold it all loosely!

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