Finding Balance is a Gift

The windows are open, at least for a couple hours on this warm January afternoon. The backyard fountain is running, reminding me of summertime when it flows nonstop. Our new deck is finished and, with the sliding door open, I’m thinking about the next season and using this space that has been too unsound for us to enjoy since moving in.

img_3388During quiet rest, Bea curled up next to me with her pile of books while I read Rising Strong. I debated sending her into the playroom, which is our usual quiet rest custom. Both of us need time apart, time to reenergize. But I’ve been thinking about kindergarten a lot lately and how these days together are quickly coming to an end. So we snuggled and read and were just together for a while.

I’ve drafted several blog posts lately but none of them seem right. Perhaps it’s because of my helpers, never far, always talking. Perhaps it’s because when I want to write something deep and profound and yet also encouraging, I’m just too tired.

Like everyone else, the news is exhausting. I wake up in the morning wondering, what next? A friend recently wished we could return to the days when Facebook was newborns and what we ate for dinner. And while part of me wishes for that too, I also recognize the privilege I have in being able to turn it off. I don’t need to check the news all that often because the news doesn’t really directly impact me.

But I also recognize this reality and am finding this balance. Of feeling grateful that our lives continue without too much impact. And of finding ways to instill important values. How do I want my daughters to remember this time? How do I want them to view their childhood? What do I want our family story to say?

So, with these windows open and the true blessing of sitting at a big work table with my daughters working next to me, I’m thankful for our life right now. For the ability to enjoy this day and these moments. And I’m also looking into ways we can spend our money to support those who are far more equipped and qualified to fight injustice. I’m emailing organizations about volunteering our time as a family.

I’m remembering that finding the balance is a gift I’ve been given. And I don’t take that lightly at all.

How are you finding ways to balance the news and balance your outlook on life? What is your best way to practice perspective?


Published by

Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

10 thoughts on “Finding Balance is a Gift”

  1. Beautiful wrestling with difficult questions. I find myself digging into faith right now more so than usual. Have you ever read Awakening by Anthony de Mello? He was a Jesuit priest who wrote several books. His message and writing is simple but full of substance. I think what we’re seeing today is an awakening across different sections of the population who’ve previously enjoyed a comfortable unawareness. Others of us have known the painful truths coming to larger light for a longer time and have been quietly and consistently working towards educating and creating peace. I’m not a parent but am guessing love is a good lesson 🙂

    1. I haven’t read “Awakening” – I think I’ll add it. I’m all about simple but full of substance! And you’re right – the good thing about all this chaos? People who have been complacent (me!) are finally kicked into the reality that so many have known for a long time. And we’re doing something about it.

      1. I bet you’re way more fun at parties than me 😉 ‘thanks for sharing that awesome child abuse data, Liz! Woo! Hoo!’

  2. I do avoid any sort of media whe. It gets too much. Sometimes a person needs to focus on oneself in order to find that balance.
    Your daughters Annie are absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy them when they are little. It all changes when they hit adolescence.

  3. Sometimes it seems just when I think I’ve found balance, gravity shifts. So we get back up and adjust, focus on the now (as you are with your girls) and set our balance again. I’m needing so much more for life balance the past year and thankful for friends who support me in finding it.

    1. Haha! Yes, gravity is always shifting! I guess that’s life, right? Always rebalancing. Rethinking. Recalibrating. That community of friends is so very important in keeping me sane!

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