Review: Eggs With Ham by Corbin Hillam + Giveaway

Bea has a tenuous relationship (at best!) with our dog, Daisy. She “plays” chase with Daisy and antagonizes her in various ways throughout the day. Elle, on the other hand, adores Daisy and is always demanding pets and sweet snuggles. At seven years old and barring any unexpected crisis, Daisy will be the dog the girls grow up with – the companion they always remember and who will see them through the tween and early teen years.

unnamedEggs With Ham, Corbin Hillam’s newest children’s book, is the story of a boy and his dog. Hamlet and Eggs are inseparable – from summertime adventures and snuggled sick days to sneaking into school and daily breakfast, this book follows the two friends through the seasons in a sweet and relatable story.

Brightly illustrated in vivid watercolors, it’s filled with small vignettes about making new friends, going to school, and daily activities of a young child. While the book isn’t short, the pacing kept our daughter’s attention easily.

When we first received our copy, we read and reread it nonstop. Within a matter of days, our four-year-old had whole pages memorized. Even now, a couple months later, it’s still in our regular rotation of favorite books.

If you’re looking for a fresh author, along the same vein as the Berenstains or Mercer Mayer, I’d recommend Eggs With Ham!

Did you grow up with a dog? What’s your favorite childhood dog story?

GIVEAWAY! I am giving away a signed copy of Ham With Eggs. Leave a comment about your favorite dog and I’ll randomly select a winner on Friday, December 23, 2016. (United States addresses only.)

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author but all opinions are my own.


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4 thoughts on “Review: Eggs With Ham by Corbin Hillam + Giveaway”

  1. In my earliest memories, my mom was single and had only me and our dog Jerome. Because in preschool they talked about families having a mommy, a daddy, and kid(s), I thought Jerome was my dad. He was very loyal, loved me a lot, and was protective. He was a pretty good dad.

  2. Hi Annie! I may be too late for this giveaway, but my favorite pet was an awesome Saint Bernard named Maggie. She was so sweet and made us all feel really safe. My stepmom still tells “Magical Maggie” stories. 🙂

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