Live Your Strengths

We all have our favorite personality tests, whether Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Buzzfeed’s Which Muppet Are You? (I’m Sam, the American Eagle: Skeptical yet loyal), or my new favorite: Round or Pointy? The test I most connect with and that has stayed with me for over eight years is Gallup’s StrengthsFinder.

livinThe premise is that we all have areas of strength and yet we focus on making our weaknesses better, which is a waste of time. So, if we knew our strengths and only focused on, say, our top five, we would be able to live our potential more fully.

I like the scope of the test. I’ve taken it twice, and one strength did change, but most likely because it was number 6 or 7 – still in my Top 10. They also spoke to me in ways other tests hadn’t. Because there are so many strengths, I didn’t feel boxed in. Part of the book also talks about how our strengths can be a weakness and which strengths best compliment our own. It has a very collaborative approach.

After blogging for almost three years now and watching others take the challenge, I decided to join in with the Write 31 Days group this October. The goal is just that: Write every day. Short, long, mostly pictures – the rules are loose and the goal is to have fun and improve the craft of writing.

So, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me this month. If it’s too much, I’m sorry! Just delete and move on and know that November will return to my irregularly scheduled posts. But I hope that you’ll be encouraged. I’ll be using StrengthsFinder as my premise for the series – some posts may be about my strengths; others may be inspired by a story that kinda fits into a strength. I’m just using them as an outline.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

And, if you’re a writer and interested in joining the challenge, link up over here! You have until October 5th to join the community.


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Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

6 thoughts on “Live Your Strengths”

  1. Annie I’m excited for your series! I love StrengthsFinder! I encourage my coaching clients to take the inventory as part of their discovery of the puzzle pieces of their lives. Yay for what you’re doing here!

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