Throwing a Popsicle Festival

I’m over at Debby Hudson’s today, sharing a story about the power of food (or popsicles) to built community. Head over to join the conversation!

We live in a neighborhood where the ministry of popsicles is alive and well. Most evenings, when the sun isn’t quite as hot or high, a little bicycle gang emerges and our cul-de-sac is filled with pedals and scooters and wild kids. They run until a knee is scraped and then someone brings out the healing power of frozen juice. We sit under a tree cooling off and recovering.

IMG_1125-1024x1024Bea wanted to buy popsicles for the neighborhood and have a “festival.” She planned where we would put the picnic blanket and even moved rocks to the corners so it would stay put. We went to the store and bought a big box of Pushup frozen fruit pops.

While kids are out most days, there are some in which Bea rides alone. I explained that it’s great to throw impromptu celebrations but we also need to be prepared for the possibility that our buddies have other plans – that they might not know we have a festival planned.

Bea nodded but the excitement for her party was apparent. After naptime, I tried to stall her with promises of extra screen time, coloring together, anything to wait a few more minutes to be absolutely certain the other kids would be out.

We went outside and waited. And waited. Bea wondered where they could be. Why weren’t they coming to her festival? She rode slowly around the cul-de-sac, making up songs, eagerly watching front doors. I had mentioned the possibility to a couple parents, but plans aren’t firm during this summer witching hour and I didn’t want to make our little festival too big a deal.

Finally, it was obvious we were it. Bea was clearly disappointed and you could see all the feelings on her face as she tried to process this failed party.

Find out the resolution over at Debby’s and be sure to join in the conversation!


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