Review: Jesus Today by Sarah Young

One of the most surprising parts of Advent was Bea’s love of a daily devotion. We faithfully read through our Advent readings each day after nap time. She loved coloring along as I read aloud and I was always surprised at all she retained – themes would come up again during playtime or in conversation later.

After Christmas, we felt the absence of that ritual. There was something so great about setting the tone for our afternoon by doing a reading together.

_140_245_Book.1798.cover.jpgWhen I saw Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids by Sarah Young, the author of Jesus Calling, I thought I found our answer. Frank and I read through Jesus Calling a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. Young’s first-person style (as told through the voice of Jesus) helped me read Bible passages and themes with a new perspective.

Jesus Today is very similar. Again, told through the voice of Jesus, the daily readings are applicable and universal. Each reading is two pages long and ends with three Bible verses. The length is perfect for us. It’s just long enough to do either during our routine post-nap time or is easy to fit in during breakfast.

Bea loves it so much that she requests to do several readings per day. (I’ll often reread the day’s and she rarely notices.) I appreciate that it does not work by the calendar but is labeled Day 1, Day 2, through Day 150. This takes the pressure off of missing a day – which happens at least once a week for us.

My only suggestion would be to have a suggested activity or question at the end that would aide in our application of the reading. Otherwise, this is exactly what we needed to keep our routine of devotions going through the year.

What is your favorite daily devotional? Do you have one you do with your kids?
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