Review: Word of Promise New Testament

Because his time is at a premium, Frank has started “reading” most of his books via Audible. It’s a perfect way to continue reading while commuting, working out, walking Daisy, and doing chores. Growing up, I remember my dad doing much of his reading via audiobooks as he worked. Me? I’m not much of an auditory learner. I don’t retain much of a lecture format unless notes are being taken and visuals are bing used. (This is most likely why I enjoyed art history so much.)

_140_245_Book.1772.cover.jpgI had seen Word of Promise on the Audible website and suggested it to Frank. Featuring a star-studded cast including Richard Dreyfuss, Marisa Tomei, and Jim Caviezel reading the Bible, it seemed like the premium way to listen to scripture. About a week later, I saw that Thomas Nelson was offering the New Testament to review.

Even though the CDs stay in Frank’s car, I’ve managed to listen to a bit on the occasions we switch off. Even as someone who would rather see the words in print, I’m impressed with the production of this version. Told using the New King James translation, it is easy to follow along. I appreciate that each character is read by a different person, making it easy to transition and making it feel more like a story.

It is read as though reading a play or book – so no chapters or verses are given. I suppose if you wanted to use this for scholarly purposes it may be a bit challenging, but I liked this setup. It helped me focus on the story arc rather than placement in the Bible.

Frank has enjoyed this version so much that he has decided to buy the entire Bible, as both Old and New Testaments are available. I would highly recommend this version to people who would like a version to listen to. It’s engaging, easy to follow along, and less daunting than sitting down and reading the Bible straight through.

Are you an auditory learner? Do you enjoy listening to books or would you rather read a print version?
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4 thoughts on “Review: Word of Promise New Testament”

  1. Print, definitely. My hearing sucks.

    I recently asked my wife why Jesus had a fondness for leopards, since He was always healing them. After getting over her shock (and muttering “dumber than a box of rocks”), Barbara understood, and explained.

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