Advent Day 27: Snuggle Time

Advent drawing 12-25-15.jpeg

Snuggle Time
Researchers tell us that newborn babies need time laying on their parent’s chest: skin to skin. This helps the baby in their early development, balancing their body temperature, and even helping the mother’s milk to come in.  Even as the child grows this times continues to be important. One of my favorite memories as a young dad (and now a grandfather) is laying on the floor with a baby asleep on my chest. That warm feeling of a tiny person snuggling in close is an experience I treasure. I am sure that Jesus and Mary, and hopefully Joseph, spent many hours in “snuggle time.” We are told in Scripture that Mary wrapped Jesus clothes and laid him in a feeding box. I have a feeling though that Mary knew to hold Jesus close on her bare chest to help him adjust to cold of the stable. Mary treasured those moments.
My prayer for today is that I can take a few quiet moments in the midst of opening gifts, eating special foods, and drinking homemade eggnog, for some quality snuggle time with Jesus.

Today’s contribution is from Corbin Hillam. Corbin has been an illustrator for over 35 years. His drawings have appeared in over 200 books, mostly for children. He has been painting public murals since 2006. He works in both chalk and paint, indoors and outdoors.

ButtonMerry Christmas! Thank you for joining us this season as we prayed through Advent together. I so appreciated all the voices who joined to make this series diverse and thought-provoking. All of the contributions are compiled here.


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