Advent Day 25: Spirit of Waiting

In the spirit of waiting.

When I first graduated college I quickly got a job at an insurance company. It was good, steady work that adequately provided for me. But it was never my passion and I decided to return to school to pursue a degree in animation. To follow my dream of creating art.

After graduating, I worked on unpaid projects and in a coffee shops. And finally got work in my chosen industry making video games. Only a few months had passed and the I felt like my wait was over. My patience and hard work had been rewarded.

But it wasn’t a good fit and I had to start looking for my dream job again. And when that didn’t happen I looked for a job where I could be creative. Then I looked for any job that would take me.

I’ve been waiting for a long time. Waiting and praying for that glimmer of hope. Waiting for that moment where you know it’s finally over. Waiting to finally see the sun on the horizon and know that it’s finally here.

Until then I continue to wait.

During Advent, we wait for the birth of Jesus. Like those in the old testament; they knew the savior would be born and had to wait. Sometimes we wait like them. A waiting without knowing.

We pray for the patience to wait, and the wisdom to see his presences when he finally arrives. We wait in the excitement of things to come.

Today’s contribution comes from Bradford Hillam. Brad lives in San Francisco where he pursues his dream job and is known for an exceptionally good holiday eggnog. You can see a sample of his work at

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