Advent Day 8: Messy Silence

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting a blogging friend in real life. Lizzie is only the second real-life encounter I’ve had and it was so fun spending time getting to know her a bit.

She stopped by our house on her way home from work to drop off some gorgeous Advent reflection cards. She walked into a very messy house, a 5:00-wild child, and leftovers heating up. Frank invited her to stay and she did. She stayed for our attempt at Advent candles and Bea insisting she could do the Henri Nouwen reading. She stayed as Bea sang Let it Go while spinning. She stayed while Elle had a diaper incident requiring a new outfit. She stayed and we talked and laughed at the mess of real life.

Photo courtesy Debby Hudson.

Today starts the second week of Advent. A friend on Facebook mentioned that Advent isn’t going as planned and perhaps she should just quit. As with so many things, I’m reminded that this season of quiet, of reflection, of preparation is happening in the midst of our daily chaos. It’s happening as babies cry and preschoolers whine and dinner is served late. It’s happening as lights twinkle on trees and projects are completed.

Today’s post isn’t a prayer so much as it’s encouragement. If life is messy and Advent isn’t happening “like it should” – keep going! If you haven’t started Advent yet but you’d like to – do! It’s not too late! If you’ve skipped days – keep going!

Advent happens in the midst. We anticipate in the midst of our chaos. And we remember that life is messy – that’s why this season of anticipation is so needed.

ButtonJoin us this season as we pray through Advent together. I have some beautiful guest posts and there’s space for your voice, too. I hope you join us – either by contributing or on your own.

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