Review: NIV Study Bible for Women

I have two book goals for this year: Read through the Bible (or at least get started… I began reading in April and I’m only in March of the reading plan) and reading War and Peace. I still have some time for that one, but book clubs and other interesting reads keep getting in the way. We’ll see if this is an achievable goal.

I’m using the same study Bible I’ve owned since before college. I’ve always wondered about themed Bibles, but have never identified with the pink floral women’s Bibles that line bookstore shelves.

_140_245_Book.1719.coverWhen I saw the new NIV Bible for Women on the BookLook Blogger’s site, I didn’t think much about it – until I started seeing the Instagram feeds of some of my favorite bloggers and writers…. When I saw that this Bible was filled with strong, intelligent women who speak of today’s issues, I wanted to read more.

The subtitle: Fresh insights for thriving in today’s world is a perfect description of the essays featured in this Bible. Part blog post, part reflection, part devotion, the essays reflect the authors’ voices and experiences while linking to the featured verses. They are interspersed throughout the Bible, breaking up the text and giving modern insights into the ancient Scripture.

The Biblical text itself is the standard New International Version. It contains no notes on the Scripture or any other maps or references. It’s more like a devotional Bible than a study Bible. You’ll get great insights from women about the text, but none of the essays really helped me understand a particular passage in more depth.

It’s a bit difficult rating a Bible, so my rating is solely on the essays. I went through and read ones by authors I recognized as well as ones I randomly flipped to. There are two reasons I gave this a 4/5 star rating: First, I wish the essays were a bit more spread out. For the most part, they are sprinkled throughout the Bible, but there are several sections with 3-4 essays all in a row. It seemed to interrupt the flow. But, as a devotional book, I’m not sure the flow is necessary.

The second is a small criticism, but many of the essays were republished from blog posts and books. I was hoping for all new content. (Though that was never advertised.) Especially for authors who I have followed for a while and whose books I’ve read, it didn’t feel fresh.

I’d recommend this version to women who already know the Bible and are looking for insights and ideas from contemporary thinkers.

Do you use a study Bible or a devotional Bible? What is your favorite translation?

Usually I do a giveaway, but mailing a Bible would break my budget. If you live in the Denver area and are interested in this Bible, I’d love to meet up and hand it off. 
I review for BookLook Bloggers

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.


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2 thoughts on “Review: NIV Study Bible for Women”

  1. Annie, I love your review on this Bible. I’ve never read through a themed or devotional Bible. This one sounds interesting. I read through study Binles. My favorite translations are the NKJV and I like the NASB. The word-for-word translations often speak deeply to me. 😀

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