Remembering My Season

We’re six weeks into this family of four adventure and things are going well. Elle is transitioning from newborn to baby (how does that happen so quickly?!) and all things considered, this has been a good transition. Elle is a classic easy-going second child – she sleeps well (though I forgot how noisy newborns can be!) and is fairly relaxed in her demeanor.

IMG_8548The weather here is changing, too. We still have warm days, but the nights and early mornings are wonderfully chilly – a reminder that autumn is on its way. Now that the heat of summer has passed and we’re settled as a family, we took last weekend to finish painting our house. We went from a completely white interior to one filled with color. A few rooms have remained purposefully untouched, but every other space has our own colors added to it. Our house feels more like ours and – barring the unforseen – we’re done improving for a while.

Even though I’m technically on maternity leave, Elle and I went to a coffee for the new teachers at the museum last week. It was wonderful getting dressed up and out of the house, even with a baby in tow. I had forgotten how much I love this job and opportunity and how fulfilled I am being at the museum, surrounded by art and thinkers.

It’s been good taking a bit of a blogging break. (I’ve been absolutely loving the Strong Women posts! I hope you’ve been as encouraged as I have!) There have been some discussion groups that I wish I had time for and people are gearing up for the Write 31 Days Challenge. I’ll admit, I was so tempted to join. I love a good challenge, and it would be a wonderful opportunity to build community. I look at other people taking risks and planning things and look at them with a bit of longing – wishing for more time so I could join, too.

IMG_8459And then, I remember my reality. I’m just not in a place to commit to projects or consistent writing, nor do I want to be. I want the freedom to snuggle Elle while Bea naps. Or write or read if they’re both napping. It doesn’t come naturally to me, though, to sit back and allow myself to rest in this moment. Because we’re settling so well and because I have energy, I feel like I should get back to “real life.”

I’m glad autumn is on its way right as I’m feeling the itch to add more to my plate. It’s a tangible reminder of the seasons of life. I’m still in this season of nesting and snuggling and bonding with my newest girl. I’m in a season of playing Chutes and Ladders and imagining and dancing with Bea. I’m in a season of very active mothering, which means remembering to give myself permission to leave things on the back burner. Writing will come when it makes sense; Museum activities will be refreshing when they make sense; Adding more to my plate will come one day.

In the meantime, I need to remember this season and these moments. I already know how quickly these early infant days pass and I want to be present for them, to not wish them away.

So, as the air cools and I look for the first leaves to change, I’m also remembering to stop and rest. To be thankful for this season. To look forward to the next, but not to rush it. And to remember that this season right now is precious.

What type of season are you in? Are you content or do you always look for the next thing?


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Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

6 thoughts on “Remembering My Season”

  1. Love it! Thank you for the reminder to enjoy our children (why does that need to be a reminder?! :))
    You’re one talented mama in so many departments. Hope you can enjoy the new colors of your home for a season and the sweetness of fall. To everything there is a season!

  2. I am content in my season of retirement. 🙂 I am available to family as needed and have time for myself. Your season is a great one-enjoy! You have the energy for this kids activity, not sure that I still do!

  3. Sounds like you’re listening well to yourself and your family and resisting the bits that need to wait. You won’t regret it. You won’t look back and say should have written more when you opt to snuggle and dance. My season is in between. Our literal season is still hot and muggy. Sept. is not the best month for S FL weather but drier days are ahead.

    1. Yes! Remembering that writing and projects will be there in time. And if they’re not… They’re not. If you need a respite from the mugginess, our guest room is always open… 😉

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