Taking Time to Nest

Well, we are officially overdue. Bea was nine days late, so apparently we make babies who are content to bake as long as possible. Philosophically, I’m all about letting babies decide on their own when to enter the world. Emotionally, during a hot week at the end of July? I cannot wait to not be pregnant. (And, of course, to meet this new member of our family!)

Since there’s no baby, I thought I’d continue blogging. After a false alarm hospital visit, where I had a brief quandary over whether or not our little girl counts as a “living child,” I thought about writing a post on the importance of language in light of the Planned Parenthood controversy, but that seemed beyond my mental capabilities at the moment.

Exploring the Botanic Gardens
Exploring the Botanic Gardens

Then, I thought about writing about our recent six year anniversary. We spent the day changing a dead car battery, making scones, and having a family adventure at the Botanic Gardens. It was not a fancy day, and perhaps didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary, but it was a good reflection of our life now and this quiet, nesting phase that we’re in. The reality right now is that I don’t have much energy to write posts that make connections to life and greater ideas.

So, I thought I’d write a little slice of life of where we’re at in this moment. Frank took the week off in the hopes of spending a week with our new baby. While it didn’t happen as planned, it’s been a perfect week of connecting as a family and relaxing at home – no projects or home improvements, just walks to the park and the store and special treats. I think it was a necessary week of connection before our lives change with this new baby.

A week filled with special treats.
A week filled with special treats.

I also needed a week of full-time two parent attention for Bea. Because we’ve been anxious and there have been a couple false alarms, we’ve been on edge and so she’s been on edge. Emotions have been running especially high and I am so thankful Frank was able to be here to carry some of the weight with breakfast dates, snuggle and swim time, and the novelty of having him home all day long. My parents stepped in, as well, giving Frank and I time to walk, to nap, to take a break from our sweet but high strung daughter.

Especially with an overdue baby, this period of nesting has dragged a bit and taken on different incarnations. From the traditional painting the room and arranging furniture at the beginning of the month to chores and baking and tying up loose ends in the middle to this time of waiting. Our nesting now has looked like reading books and having leisurely breakfasts on the patio. It’s looked like spending time together in ways that will be difficult in the coming weeks.

It’s a reminder that, no matter how prepared I am, sometimes preparation looks less like doing and more like being. Like listening to the needs of myself, of my three year old, even of our dog and recognizing we are all waiting and we all need to process in our own way.

What does your life look like at this moment?


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Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

15 thoughts on “Taking Time to Nest”

  1. Bless your heart! Sounds like y’all had the week you needed, even though it wasn’d the week you’d planned or perhaps hoped for. Life for me is about to look really crazy. I leave for China on the 2nd. It’s time for packing, last minute shopping, last minute visits, and overall prep for a new adventure. Good luck on your new adventure as mommy of 2!

    1. We did! Funny how life works out like that…. Wow, China! Your adventures are so amazing – can’t wait to see these pictures. (Have loved your Korea updates.) Enjoy this time of travel – love living vicariously through you. 🙂

    1. You came to mind when I asked that last question…. Don’t know much about Kike Hue City, but does this mean you’ve won some recent battles? Love your fighting spirit!

      1. Aargh! It was supposed to say “like” Hue City.

        Hue is the old capital of Viet Nam, and when the Communists staged their attack during the Lunar New Year Tet holiday in 1968, it was a particularly important target (they hit everywhere, from the Z to the Delta, and messed up Saigon pretty badly).

        Hue was a nightmare of street fighting, reminiscent of Stalingrad. The Marines eventually pushed the bad guys out, but it wasn’t pretty.

        And that’s kind of my life now – a hard fight, every day, lit by the flares of pain and the distant glow of hope, dawn breaking in the East.

  2. Waiting is so hard, praying for you and glad you’re enjoying the waiting as much as possible! Love ya friend!

  3. I haven’t found a rhythm yet to this whole retirerment gig. A friend said it took her a whole year to just “be” before she started “doing.” I keep thinking something will shift when school starts in August and I don’t have to go to work. We’ll see. In the mean time I am just trying to go with the flow and be a person just being in the moment for now.

    1. I’ll bet August will be a big shift – the reality of not actually having to be at school will set in. 🙂 I keep thinking of Eckhart Tolle – maybe we need to do a mini-book club for Power of Now?

  4. My life looks like happy at this moment. I have a good job and a good boyfriend with whom I share a lovely apartment, a car with a sunroof :), and a fluffy cat. And am waiting eagerly to see that post of my friend’s baby, you’ve been in my thoughts (and I guess that woman was wrong. Maybe the benefit of guessing when strangers will deliver is that you never have to know the outcome.)

    1. I’m going to start telling strangers random things followed by “I’m never wrong!” 😉 Loving your current season and all its goodness.

  5. “Sometimes preparation looks less like doing and more like being.” Love this. True. I need to listen to those words. Thanks Annie. Your nest sounds just as it should as you wait.

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