One-Handed Reading

A friend, who is due at the same time as us, and I were talking the other day about good breastfeeding books. Not how-to books, but books that can be held with one hand, that can be picked up and put down easily, that can hold our attention in the middle of the night without needing to reread the next morning.

She asked for some suggestions and I’ll admit, I’m a bit stumped. Partly, because I’m more of a nonfiction reader and partly because, with Bea I could read heavier books. (Admittedly, I’m planning on starting War and Peace once this baby is born. Perhaps not the best idea…) This time around, I’ll have divided attention, and I’m thinking I’ll need some light, quick reads.

When I say “light, quick reads,” I don’t want mind-numbing or too fluffy. Then, I’d rather read a magazine. Trying to remember what I read after Bea was born, I went back to my Goodreads archives:

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris
I started this after our due date had passed, and it was the perfect light, weird, funny book I needed to help pass the time until Bea decided to show up.

Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman
I only read a few parenting books and this was one of my favorites. I loved that it’s ultimately a memoir, but in those early days of new motherhood I could also relate with a lot of her questions.

Mr g: A Novel About the Creation by Alan Lightman
Another quirky but funny book, this is about God creating the universe with the help of (or inspite of) his very opinionated aunt and uncle.

I listed those books to give an idea of what kinds of post-baby books I was into. So, I need suggestions: What fun, quirky, light-but-not-fluffy fiction have you been reading lately?


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4 thoughts on “One-Handed Reading”

    1. Yep, that’s my normal go-to type of book. Not sure it’s what I’ll be looking for in the wee hours. 😉 (Can I get the title, anyway? My interest is piqued!)

  1. This one made the rounds a few summers back, but I loved Where Did You Go Bernadette. (Really funny and easy to read in little bursts.) And if you are into post-apocalyptic YA (and not totally burned out on the teenage girl heroine), I recently read and enjoyed Station Eleven. (A unique take on the genre with a big dose of art appreciation.) By a random choosing at the library, I picked up The Secret Life of Violet Grant. (Quirky female narrator, a smart, funny poolside read.) Hope that helps add to your list. Can’t wait to meet the new baby!!!

    1. I did read “Where’d You Go Bernadette” – exactly the type I’m looking for! I’ll check out Station Eleven – haven’t read anything like that since Hunger Games… Thanks for the recs, Carolyn!

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