Letting Dreams Simmer

We have friends who recently sold their house and many of their possessions to pursue a dream. They have a few short term plans, but are long-term open to wherever life leads. They are dreaming big and are taking big steps to follow that dream.

My sister-in-law is pursuing a career as a motivational speaker. She jumped in with both feet, quitting her job to pursue this dream. She is learning as she goes and is taking big steps to make this big dream a reality.

We have other friends who have had a dream of opening their home to missionaries in transition. After over fifty years of serving as missionaries themselves and encouraging others, their dream has just become a reality. They waited and saved and prayed and quietly pursued this dream.

Dreaming of more family time
Dreaming of more family time

Work has been insane lately for Frank. This is tough as we anticipate a change in our family dynamic, but also because summertime is supposed to be a quieter spell at the business and it has felt similar to a tax season schedule. (Maybe not that bad, but still long, hectic hours!) We’ve been dreaming about how we can make changes to this schedule to allow for more family time and flexibility to pursue more life-giving dreams. The reality is that we’ll have to dream and save and wait for a few years before making this change. It’s not just about us, but the employees and business model that depend on Frank’s hard work.

It’s easy for me to look at big, loud dreams and wish for immediate change and results for our own family. And, sometimes those big dreams are exactly what is needed to make a change or pursue a vision. But, I need to remember that dreams often simmer for quite some time. That as they simmer, we shift and prepare and become open to possibilities that the initial dream may not have been.

On the busy days, I want our dream to happen right now, but I’m learning to be content with letting our ideas simmer, knowing that we’re making small changes toward a bigger goal.

Are you a big dreamer or do you let ideas simmer?

Linked with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday, a time to write without editing.


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Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

14 thoughts on “Letting Dreams Simmer”

  1. Well said! Most big dreams take time, planning and action in order to come about. Sometimes they come to fruition in a surprisingly short amount of time and you have to be ready for the changes that come with having dreams fulfilled!

  2. Today, my dream, is being sure I survive to see tomorrow. Last 18 hours put issue in doubt. Doctors say they can’t help. So much for science.

    The nightmare may go on, but so, for the moment, do I.

  3. The taking big steps jumped out to me, because often pursuing dreams means hard work and effort and scary moments and it all is big!

    I think many dreams and things in life do happen in a simmer. Over the last several years, I’ve noticed again and again how so many stories in the Bible took place over YEARS. They didn’t happen quickly and not necessarily easily, even when God had promised or told them what would happen. David waited a long time to be King. Abraham and Sarah waited a long time to have a son. Alas, waiting and simmering aren’t always my pick! 🙂

    The song by Casting Crowns called “Let Me Dream For You,” popped into my head when I saw the writing prompt at Kate’s.

    1. Love all the examples of dreams taking a loooong time! Sometimes I wonder if a dream has passed and suddenly, it becomes a reality! Thanks for the reminder of holding onto some dreams, even if they seem far-fetched. (And, checking out Casting Crowns now – thanks for that recommendation!)

  4. I think, sometimes, those big, giant dreams feel like the only kind – the kind that are life-changing. Kind of like the destination to a journey. But the kind you speak of, the simmering kind, are the ones that life is really made of. It’s like appreciating the small things, finding the joys in unexpected places, praising everyday. I think life is actually lived in the journey. I wish you and your family the best.

    1. Yes, especially when I’m not part of the conversation, but just see someone else’s Big Dream happen, I forget the amount of planning and praying and simmering that usually occurs. Love how you phrased it: “Life is actually lived IN the journey.” Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I wonder if we don’t realize our dreams because we don’t consider the ‘simmering’ that helps bring them to reality. They don’t just happen. And that has stopped many a dreamer (myself included). Good words and examples from you Annie. Thanks

    1. I need to keep that in mind – that most things in life happen behind the scenes. I forget that when someone suddenly announces a big idea. Most likely a lot happened before I heard about it!

  6. Annie, I love how you shared about the dreams of others and of you and your husband. God has a way of putting dreams in each heart, and bringing them about in His perfect timing, doesn’t He? Each dream is important to Him. Significant to Him. Big or “small.” I look forward to hearing how God brings your dreams into reality as they simmer and take form. 🙂

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