Five Things Saving My Life

I don’t usually get the winter blues. Yes, I’d prefer sunshine over gray skies, but in Colorado we have about 300 days of sunshine each year. This means, even if we get a gray streak, sun is just around the corner. That being said, the colder weather, tax season, and general post-holiday laziness definitely affects my mood in different ways than a sunny June day.

Anne, over at Modern Mrs. Darcy, recently asked the question, What is saving your life right now? Taken from Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, Leaving Church, the question is meant to switch from the mentality of what is killing us to what is giving life. I like the idea of looking at the little things that are life-giving right now, in this moment.

1) A nook of my own
We have a large upstairs landing, and my little desk fits perfectly in one corner. While I don’t always write or journal here (though I did for this post), I love having a little space in the house just for me. At our old house, we had a combination guest room-office and it never felt like it was a place for me. Having this small area makes me happy.

My landing nook
My landing nook

2) Painting
The previous owners of this house had some… unique… decorating ideas. (Lots of sharpie murals…) While the decor was unlivable, it pushed us to paint rooms quickly, and our house is feeling more and more like our own. We decided on a few rooms that had to get done before tax season: The basement living room, Bea’s room, and Frank’s office. So far, my favorite is Frank’s office. It’s a partially finished space in the basement. We added carpet and painted over the concrete walls. Frank’s walking desk and weight equipment fit perfectly. What I love about it is the symbol of more family time during tax season. Even though hours will still be crazy and most will still need to be done at the office, late nights and weekends can be done from home.

3) OK to Wake Alarm Clock
With the freedom a “big girl bed” offered,  Bea’s wake-up time was pushed as early as 5:45. Not OK!! This clock came highly recommended by a variety of friends and I love it! It works most of the time, and Bea is so proud of running into our room at 7:00, clock green and ready to go. It’s definitely made my mornings more pleasant!

Alarm clock + Bea's mural
Alarm clock + Bea’s mural

4) Parks & Rec
With winter, tax season, and pregnancy brain, watching reruns of Parks & Rec on Netflix have been a perfect way to unwind each night. We needed a light, short show to watch after clean up and a bit of reading. I love that there’s only a 20 minute time commitment, meaning we still get to bed at a decent hour. Plus, sometimes dramas are overrated and we just need to laugh.

5) L’Occitane Lotion
This is a total splurge that always finds its way into my Christmas stocking. During the summer, I don’t mind using grocery store lotions but there’s something about smearing rich shea butter into my hands each night that helps me sleep a little better. Especially in the dry Colorado climate, this lotion keeps my hands from over-drying through the night.

What about you? What are some things that are “saving your life” right now?

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13 thoughts on “Five Things Saving My Life”

  1. We bought and moved into this house the middle of 1984 and it was four bedrooms. One tiny one got used as home office (spouse a Senior Pastor), one for son (had finished seventh grade), one Master and one guest bedroom. When spouse retired 2011 (after 27 years) the dividing walls and two closets got removed and two bedrooms combined made a decent-sized office in retirement for spouse. Mine is at the unfinished basement level, far opposite end. Offspring is away in own house with his own spouse and two children, soon to be 8 and 4 (in July). Finally, after about three decades, an addition on the dream boards. Ask again in two or three months from now.

    1. Love that your house has changed over the years to reflect your changing family. We definitely have short term projects and then 10 year or more wish list items. It’s fun to dream about the future of this home!

  2. Love this. One of my deciding factors for moving back to Oregon was the stickin’ Colorado sunshine! REALLY!? Who needs that much sunshine!? I’m a true Oregonian. L’Occitane Lotion, total agreement. Can’t wait to see the new house. One little detail. Did you say pregnancy brain? WOOHOO! So happy.

  3. Pregnancy brain! Congratulations!!!
    And well done on getting the painting done soon, our house was not in a great decorative state when we moved in over 2 years ago, but we have only done minimal painting, to my shame. Our bedroom is desperate but it means a huge upheaval of furniture etc to get it done and I can’t be bothered… I need a week of holiday for both Iain and I to just get it done, carpets and all!

    1. Thanks!! I hear you about needing a week to just focus. But, knowing us we’d spend that week hiking instead…. 😉 We did the carpets the weekend we moved in which was insanely chaotic, but we guessed we wouldn’t be motivated to move the furniture again!

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