Baby Steps

When Bea learned to walk, our world drastically slowed down. No longer content to ride in the Ergo or stroller, she insisted on going herself. This newfound independence was amazing to watch, but the days of long hikes and walks seemed to be over – we were now in a space of one mile, very slow rambles.

Learning to take baby steps
Learning to take baby steps

We would walk a bit, find a rock or twig, and wait while she examined it. Everything could be – and was – explored, so we learned to stop and look and wait alongside our inquisitive daughter.

The world has felt like its taking baby steps lately. In the midst of these excruciatingly slow changes, I’ve been trying not to lose patience; to practice the art of waiting. Perhaps not passively, but patiently.

We’ve had centuries to recognize and remedy racism, yet we are still faced daily with examples of injustice against people simple for the color of their skin. Baby steps toward reconciliation. One of God’s first commands was to care for the Earth and its animals, yet we continue to add chemicals and hormones, creating toxic waste through the ways we process our food. Baby steps toward restoration. The church has, in so many ways, shown hypocrisy and judgement rather than hope and grace. Baby steps toward redemption.

I’m sure the people who have gone before me look at my own baby steps with impatience and wonder why I can’t catch up. And, I look at those behind me and wonder why their journey is just now beginning. And yet, as we all take baby steps together, the world slowly changes.

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18 thoughts on “Baby Steps”

  1. We are grandparents (starting 2007 July). The descriptions of very young remind me of book(s) in which I delight – Magda Gerber, EduCarers – wait, observe, enjoy – I am still doing that (now we have two – grand son 7 1/2 – grand daughter 3 1/2

  2. As take baby steps in the 3 Rs, I am thankful for those who hold my hand, give support, encouragement and balance, and give me time to explore on my own. Great analogy!

  3. Hi Annie! Commenting from the FMF gang. 🙂

    I can so relate with you on waiting while the little one examines something on the ground. Motherhood really is a test on waiting, yes? But it is a lesson truly worth learning!

    Happy weekend! 🙂

  4. Wow Annie isn’t that so true! I find myself getting frustrated with the Baby Steps pace of life at times but if I were to step back and examine the pace at which I have moved at times…baby steps would probably be a speedy estimate!
    Thank you for this reminder today 🙂 #FMFParty

  5. The mention of your baby girl reminds me of my own. I remember doing the same – waiting patiently while they explored things I had already discovered. And you can be sure that God is waiting patiently while we explore he options that we have in our own lives.

  6. Annie, such an interesting perspective. You’re so right. We do tend to take baby steps, individually,and collectively. To look back on someone behind me on a journey, and wonder why they can’t speed up? Yep, I’ve been there, done that.

    But, to keep a broader perspective and remember my own baby steps, and the compassion those further beyond me shared with me . . . now that’s my goal. To be an encourager, not just a “Hurry up!” kind of gal. Thanks for making me think about this today!

  7. This is such a great metaphor for our walk. Baby steps can’t be rushed and we must somehow find Him in whatever pace we are called to move. Thanks for another great message- your words always bless me. Peace, fmf friend.

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