One Word: Choose

Last year was an experiment in focusing on one word to guide my year, rather than lists and goals. I picked grace, and it was so interesting seeing how it permeated my life. Grace had always been there but by focusing on it as my word for the year, I began truly noticing how grace filled my interactions and how I responded to situations with grace (or lack thereof…) It subtly moved to the forefront of my mind and, looking back, I appreciate how grace worked its way into so many parts of my life I didn’t even realize needed that infusion.

As 2014 wound down, I began thinking of a new word. How would I want to define 2015? What are words that come to mind? Over and over the word choose came up. I’m a fairly intentional person by nature. I probably think too much about choices but most of those are personal – how do we spend our time, our resources, our energy as a family? What is important to us?

Especially with questions arising over the choice of privilege and how I view my neighbors, I realized I make a lot of intentional choices for myself. How can I expand that? How can I choose to be a better neighbor, a better listener, a better activist? How can I choose to stretch myself?

Last year, I wrote about grace for my family and my community and myself. This year, I hope that choose encompasses new communities and that my views and horizons expand as I embrace this word.

Do you make a list of resolutions? If you could choose One Word for the year, what would it be?

Check out the community at OneWord365 for ideas and support with your One Word.


Published by

Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

14 thoughts on “One Word: Choose”

  1. You inspired me last year – my word was also grace –
    something I needed to extend to people around me. This year
    My word is kindness – something I hope will not only
    Be reflected in the words I speak but also the attitude of my heart!
    Thanks Annie!

  2. I appreciate this – it does help to focus. I think my word this year is BEAUTY. Although it’s kind of my “life” word recently, but I want to explore it more… finding beauty, pointing to beauty, sharing beauty… not meaning physical beauty, but more the beauty of life. Glad to read your blog, Annie. See you soon!

    1. I love the idea of a life word. Or a word of the moment, even. Sometimes they don’t fit neatly into one calendar year. I think Beauty is the perfect word for you. I always come away from conversations with you seeing life in a new, different, more beauty-filled way.

  3. The word that I choose is trust . As I am nearing retirement and many life changes I need to trust as I as I ask for God’s direction in my life.

    1. Hooray for retirement!! What a life change – trust will be a great word for this year! And, when you’re retired, let’s grab coffee and catch up! 🙂

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