The highs have been in the single digits the last few days, so we’ve been housebound. Even Bea’s playroom (really our 3-season sunroom) is too cold to be in. The space heater ran all morning the other day, and still there was frost on the single-pane windows. We’ve had an abundance of screen time, mostly because it’s hard for me to be motivated to be creative in such frigid weather. Because, in Bea’s mind, hot chocolate can only be consumed when it is snowing, my parents came over yesterday for a hot chocolate party to break the monotony.

Even though I’m feeling a bit stir-crazy now, this weather has given me a chance to slow down, quiet our pace, and be still. We’ve had lots of snuggles and reading and building in the mist of all that screen time.

Snuggling with Vogue
Snuggling with Vogue

I think it’s funny that it takes an act of extreme weather to feel ok about sitting on the couch and snuggling. It’s something I know we need to do more regularly – when our schedule gets too busy, more meltdowns happen and we need a reset. Really, Bea functions best when we have a low-key, do-nothing sort of day about once a week. The rest of the time, she’s happy with playdates and activities, but it builds up and she needs to just sit on the couch, twirling my hair.

Really, I need that time, too. When my to-do list gets too long or I prioritize chores over rest, I start to have meltdowns and become discontent. This weather has reminded me of the need to slow down and be still more often. And, now that tomorrow’s high is back up to 40, I’ll try to remember that, even on the sunny days.

Do you have trouble slowing down? What’s the best way to remember toΒ stop and be still?

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10 thoughts on “Still”

  1. Snuggling is so necessary! I’m glad that our children are here to remind us of that, even if it’s often on their account that we are running around like headless chicken the rest of the time πŸ™‚

  2. Loved this, Annie. I love the stillness snuggling requires. Having one of my boys cuddle their growing frames into my lap just fills my heart with happy. I have to force myself to stay there for very long. I guess knowing those days are coming to an end is good incentive to be still while they still want that time with me.

    Building time for stillness into my schedule is a good idea. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I have found that thinking of my children helped me to slow day. As you say, they are more content with low-key activities – and in the end I am too.

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