When I was in high school, my mom went back to school to earn a long overdue Master’s degree. She took weekend and summer courses to finish, managing to work and be present for her family as well. After she graduated and got a job doing what she loved, I was impressed with the change in her: She had gone from having a job that didn’t truly fulfill her gifts and skills to having a career that gave her the opportunity to help others in ways she was so talented. It made me realize that it is never too late to pursue a job that uses innate talents and brings life – to myself and others.

“The days are long but the years are short.” Gretchen Rubin

I remember hearing this quote quite a bit when I first became a mom. In that context, it meant savor those precious newborn moments – they fly by. And they do! What I’m noticing now with my long days is that I think about life after this moment: When Bea is in school and I have days to myself.

Enjoying the small moments
Enjoying the small moments

I feel like becoming a stay at home mom has given me an opportunity to really evaluate what I want to do next. Do I want to continue as is – be a mom, with plenty of time to help out at school and volunteer opportunities? Do I want to go back to teaching, with the benefits of matching holidays and breaks? Do I want to go back to school, to pursue art history or something completely different?Even though I have time to decide, the years are short and flying by. Bea will be in kindergarten in three short years, drastically changing our routine. In the meantime, I’m trying out different things and trying to be as open as possible. I want to look back at these years not only with the nostalgia of all that witnessing childhood brings, but also with the lens of self-discovery and knowing I said yes to new opportunities and experiences.

If you could reinvent yourself, what would you do? Are you pursuing your dream career or life right now or would you take a different track?

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Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

10 thoughts on “Long”

  1. I think your goal of looking back on these years knowing that you chose to try new experiences is so important. I know in my experience as a stay-at-home it is so easy to get into a routine and stick with it. Looking for new experiences and opportunities is very important.

  2. There are so many phases in life where we have the opportunity to pursue big dreams and to say “yes” to new experiences in our day-to-day routines. We just need the energy to grab hold of them!

  3. Great post, Annie! I based my post on that same quote. It’s impacted my mothering for sure. I love staying at home and being available for my boys. It would seem like there’s plenty of time once the kids are in school, but in some ways, it seems like the days fly even faster! The hours and the moments get eaten up. 🙂

    I am pursuing my dream of writing, and I’m enjoying it. I try hard not to be on the computer much when the family is home. Finding the balance is the key. I’m still wobbling, but I’m slowly figuring out how it all works together in the fabric of our family.

    1. Loved your take on this quote, too! Ah, you’re not the first mom of older kids to shatter my fantasy of quiet, productive days while the kids are in school…. 😉 I guess our fairly unstructured routine allows for a lot to get done in the meantime. I’m glad you’re pursuing your dream of writing – your words are so encouraging and I’m thankful for them!

  4. Kudos to your mom for going back and doing her Master’s as it is not always easy to do. Enjoy your time with your daughter Annie. I enjoyed the precious time with my girls even though now I am beginning to do things for myself.

    1. Yes, I’m trying to sit back and enjoy this moment. It’s hard for me not to think about the future, and it’s been good practice to remember to live in the present…

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