Frank was the one to announce Bea’s sex to the hospital room: “It’s a…girl?” The question mark surprised me, but reflecting later, it shouldn’t have. The last few weeks of pregnancy, friends and strangers were sure we were having a boy from a myriad of old-wives opinions. Even during our longer-than-expected labor, nurses would laughingly predict we were having a boy, based on “all the trouble he was giving me.” We had prepared ourselves in the end for a boy. Of course, the moment we met Bea, all thoughts of boys were replaced with our sweet daughter.

1 day old
1 day old

When people asked us what we “wanted,” the first answer was, of course, “a healthy baby.” But, Frank had images of a son in his mind. He and his dad have a close relationship and Frank wanted to pass on his love of camping, exploration, and boy-activities to his son.

It’s been amazing watching Frank soften into a dad of a daughter. He and Bea are constantly exploring, looking for bugs, and dreaming about backyard camping. When Bea has a question, Frank explains it in such detail, I find myself learning new things, too. Frank spoils and treats Bea as his princess, but he also gives her the courage and identity to play in the dirt, dig around, and ask questions – just like he would have with a son.

I’m glad Frank got to be the one to share Bea’s sex. In that split-second, he shifted and embraced all that being a dad to a daughter means. Almost two years later, I know our daughter has an exceptional foundation because you’re her dad. Happy Father’s Day!

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9 thoughts on “Messenger”

  1. What a precious way for your husband to announce the birth of your precious daughter. He was the messenger for such an event. Yes, now he is the messenger to give special values that your family upholds and all. Blessings, Sarah from The Hope Journey.

  2. It’s funny how these things work out. For some reason I was always sure I would have daughters and indeed I did. I wondered aloud at one stage whether my partner would have liked a son and he looked at me in surprise – I think he truly just felt himself lucky to be the father of two such wonderful people. And as I type he’s downstairs watching the World Cup with the younger one, another sports fanatic like him!

    1. That’s awesome! Now, being a parent, I think it’s funny how we wish for genders. I’m just amazed at Bea’s little personality, and am sure I would no matter what. Love that yours had a sports fanatic 😉

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