What I’m Into 4:14

In our family, April comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. The last big push before the April 15 tax deadline means late nights, working weekends, and hardly any family time. It’s pretty rough, and I am thankful that my parents live within an hour’s drive and we have a good group of friends as support. Frank took last week off and we had a staycation of resetting and reconnecting as a family.

Some highlights from last month were Bea’s first Easter egg hunt:

Bea quickly exceeded the 15 egg limit.
Bea quickly exceeded the 15 egg limit.

Building a fence around the garden in the hopes of rabbit-proofing. (And Bea- and Daisy-proofing… Bea adores her new tools and wants to till the soil constantly!)

Tilling with her new tools.
Tilling with her new tools.

Books: Finished and In Progress
April was filled with fun reads. I’ve started the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series to read between books, and they’ve been fun, quick reads. I just finished the third book and, though I enjoyed it, am glad I have a stack of other books before continuing the series. Rachel Held Evans rereleased her first book, Faith Unraveled. I’ve been a fan of her blog for a few years and this book held great insights into her journey and helped me appreciate her quest for justice even more than I had. Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things sucked me in and I was surprised at how much I came to like the main character, Alma. It made me want to read Origin of Species. I finished the month with Anne Lamott’s Stitches. Very short, but filled with such wisdom.

I just finished Elizabeth Esther’s Girl at the End of the World. I received a free copy from Convergent as a participant in their Easter series. It was a well-written, eye-opening, necessary look at what fundamentalism looks like. She restored my faith in the Christian memoir genre.

I’m reading Out of the Silent Planet for our Reading Challenge and liking it more than when I tried to read it in high school. We just started Phyllis Tickle’s Emergence Christianity and, only one chapter in, I’m regretting all the years I’ve wasted not reading her books. Amazing insights and I’m looking forward to our discussions! I also just started Conscious Capitalism. I saw it in the check-out line at Whole Foods and was intrigued. It’s definitely a departure from my normal patterns, but interesting so far.

You can connect over at Goodreads and Pinterest for all of my reading activity.

Screen Time
We’re still working our way through the Dr. Who series and have just started with Matt Smith’s Doctor. Such a fun way to unwind! We tried getting into season 6 of Mad Men but I’m not sure we’re up for all the drama. We also watched Mud on Netflix. I was about to give it 5-stars but demoted it by one for the last scene. Frank felt he forgot Matthew McConaughey was acting. I said his teeth were too white for the character. Which actors do you forget while watching?

If you are at all interested in blogging, Laura Tremaine’s series on blogging is full of great insights. Kelli Woodford’s essay on her post-children belly button really struck a chord with its honesty. Over here, my most popular post was on Sleep. But, that was after I figured out a social media glitch. This month was definitely low for viewing because of that… (Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a post!) My own favorite was about Fairy Tales.

Around Town
My parents came up and gave us a day date last week, so we spent the day at museums. If you live in Denver and have any tiny interest in art, I’d strongly encourage you to check out Modern Masters. It’s an absolutely incredible exhibit featuring iconic paintings from most of the great artists between Pissarro and Warhol. After lunch, we went to the Clyfford Still Museum’s 1959 show. Even though I’m there several times a week, it was nice to walk through the galleries and simply enjoy the art without leading a group of kids.

What about you? What are you into these days?

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