The American way is to not need help, but to help…. What saved me was that I found gentle, loyal and hilarious companions, which is at the heart of meaning: maybe we don’t find a lot of answers to life’s tougher questions, but if we find a few true friends, that’s even better.

Anne Lamott, Stitches

Of our friends, there are three couples we see on a very regular basis. These are people we saw right after Bea was born, people with whom we share amazing news and sad news, people we make time for during tax season because three months is too long to go without seeing them. We’ve practiced being vulnerable together and have shared laughter, tears, worries, and successes.

When we first started getting together, as newlyweds and dating couples, we pulled out all the stops. We tried recipes we would never make just for the two of us; We saved our food budget and splurged on incredible dishes; We went through multiple bottles of wine and finished off with whiskey or port and left after midnight. As time passed, our meals continued but now prosciutto-wrapped halibut, chili, and take-out pizza are interchanged freely. We sometimes still stay up too late and drink too much, but with kids and pregnancies, we also go to bed earlier and drink more water.

I love that we’ve reached this place of comfort with our friends. We still use getting together as an excuse to try fancy new recipes but there’s no pressure if we plop the pizza box on the table, open a beer, and laugh together.

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2 thoughts on “Friend”

  1. Sweet reminiscence of your friends. I think you’d love Shauna Niequist’s book Bread and Wine, if you haven’t read it. It is a great friends and food memoir with great recipes for trying out among friends. : )

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