What I’m Into 1:14

I always like reading what people are “into” over at Leigh Kramer’s, so I thought I’d link up this month. January is one of my favorite months. Not only is it a new year, but it’s my birthday month. Lots of champagne and goal setting over here! It’s also the last month before tax season, so we try to pack in more family time, which I love.

Books: Finished & In Progress
I finally jumped on the Shauna Niequist bandwagon and read Cold Tangerines. Usually I’m not a fan of conversational-memoirs, but I connected with many of the stories and found myself wanting to read more. I also finished The Millionaire Next Door, from our Reading Challenge. It was insightful, but I realized I am not a fan of too many tables! (Those are what Frank loved most from the book.)

Book Club Books: Both are yet to be discussed, but Daring Greatly by Brené Brown is worth the hype! Easy to read and I see myself rereading sections in the future. I want to print her parenting manifesto to hang in my kitchen. I also just finished Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo. Such a fascinating look in the the slums of Mumbai. And, though it certainly doesn’t paint a romantic picture, I appreciate how she focuses on the day-to-day. My weekly book club is into Christena Cleveland’s Disunity In Christ. It’s a very thought provoking read, and a great follow-up to our last book, The Next Evangelicalism.

I’m also currently reading Djuna Barnes’ Collected Stories. Usually I love short stories, but this is taking a long time to get through. Some of the magic is starting to fade…

Screen Time
Since we’re in the midst of toddlerhood, we rarely watch movies. We did finally watch Bernie on Netflix, and it was perfect. I love quirky, dark comedies and I especially loved that this was a true story. We’re also in Season 4 of Doctor Who. It’s been a fun way to unwind after Bea goes to bed, though we’ve each had some pretty intense dreams as a result… We’ve never really been TV watchers, and now we are entering “totally out of touch” status.

We are finally meal planning consistently and I love it! We’re eating so much more healthfully. We utilize our new Crock Pot at least once a week (always on book club nights!) and that’s been a great way to still get a bit of a “family dinner” on busy nights. We’ve been getting most of our recipes out of the Crock Pot Vegetarian recipe book. Now that we’re in the thick of winter, we always make at least one recipe a week with our French oven, using Glorious One Pot Meals. It’s rarely let us down! (Our favorite: African Peanut Stew. So good on a snowy night!)

Two blogs stuck with me this month: Jason Boyett, over at A Deeper Story wrote about the balance of time and technology. It was great food for thought, especially as Bea will ask for an iPad to play games, and we don’t even own one. Glennon Melton wrote a beautiful tribute to her child’s teacher. I love reading positive affirmations of hardworking teachers! Over here, my own favorite was on Being Human, though the most popular was Identity.

Day to Day
Our furnace of 30 years went out the other day (of course!) The plus side? We decided to add central air conditioning and Bea was in heaven watching the men remove three furnaces dating back to 1951 from our crawl space. (Apparently, they were always left for the next owners…) Some of her favorite words right now are “heavy,” “dump,” and “truck,” so she gave a running commentary of the events. My other favorite phrase is when she brings us all together for a “group hugger.” She turned 18 months last week – time is flying!

"Men! Dump! Truck! Heeavy!!"
“Men! Dump! Truck! Heeavy!!”

What about you? What are you into these days?

Head over to Leigh’s Link-Up for other fun books, activities, and goings-on from January.


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6 thoughts on “What I’m Into 1:14”

  1. A great post – really enjoyed finding your blog through Leigh’s linkup! I LOVE that you had a book club with your friends called Books & Beer – fabulous! The books on Crock Pot/1 Pot/Veggie cooking look wonderful. And I’m looking forward to reading Jason Boyett’s post on Time & Technology.

  2. I’m excited having just seen your link for vegetarian crock-pot recipes. I love the idea but didn’t think it was worth it for a family of vegetarians. I’ll have to investigate this. I also just read your post on Being Human and was really taken by it. As the mother of two girls I used to wonder how much the rowdiness of some boys was innate and how much was simply due to parents allowing or encouraging it which they didn’t do with their daughters. It’s a complicated topic but your stance on celebrating firstly your daughter’s human-ness seems great to me.

    1. Hi Juliet! Thanks for stopping by! The veg cookbook definitely made the crock pot less intimidating! It is interesting raising a girl…. We’re only 18 months in, but I do try to be aware of my preconceived ideas of being a girl vs being human… Quite the journey!

  3. Glad you enjoyed Cold Tangerines! Shauna’s work gets better and better- Bread & Wine is her best yet. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts when The Red Couch discusses Behind the Beautiful Forevers next month. I think you’ll be happy to learn the April selection, too (should be announced in a few weeks.) Disunity in Christ is on my To Read list. Cleveland is one of my favorite blog discoveries from last year. I can’t believe they had to haul out 3 furnaces! Gracious.

    Thanks for linking up with What I’m Into!

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