I’ve never been one to have a best friend. I even feel funny calling Frank my best friend (probably after reading Committed…) My friends fill different needs in my life – some offer encouragement in my faith journey, others are practical problem-solvers, others joined me in motherhood and offer grace and encouragement during this season.

One of my friends, Robyn and I have known each other since our freshman year of high school. We went to different colleges but both ended up back in Denver. Years ago (5 or 7 maybe?) we started walking once a week after work. The parks have changed over the years and there have been a few breaks – holidays, the month after Bea was born, but we have remained consistent. We even trained for a 5k run together. (And I was firmly reminded that I’m not a fan of running.)

Robyn is an amazing encouragement. During our 2-3 mile walk, we talk about everything. We process, we vent, sometimes we problem-solve, but mostly the other listens. It’s so encouraging to be with a friend who has the gift of listening. What an encouragement! To let the other simply be with her processing.

Now that tax season is approaching, Frank and I have been talking about our schedule. I’m part of 2 monthly book clubs, a weekly book club, and my weekly walk with Robyn. When thinking about things to cut back on during this busy time, I can’t imagine foregoing the encouragement they all offer, but especially those walks – that time of doing life with a friend is such an encouragement.

Linked with Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday, a time to sit and write without editing for 5 minutes.


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Annie Rim

Welcome! I live in Colorado with my family and have taught in the classroom, at an art museum, and now in the playroom. I reflect about life, faith, and books here on my blog.

2 thoughts on “Encouragement”

  1. Hallo Annie, visiting from FmF. I cannot say I have a ‘best friend’ either. Since my husband and I travel I cannot go with girl friends on walks. I miss having a friend close by. However I have online friends that encourage me, inspire and help me. I love them and appreciate them and without them my life will not be the same.
    Enjoy your walks with your friend. I walk with my husband, but it’s not the same as having a girl friend to walk with.

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