From my corner of the couch, by the window, I see…

A bookcase, overflowing with art history, travel, mountaineering, poetry

Books that reflect who we were and where we hope to go

Knickknacks moved to higher shelves, out of the reach of small hands

Because I don’t want “no, don’t touch” to dominate my day

Dusty finger prints on … everything

Because, who has time?

Pine needles left over from our Christmas tree, even though I swept three times

Our tree with the fewest decorations, but probably my favorite because it reflects us most

Daisy, curled up next to the couch

Our first “child,” who is so patient with her new role as “dog” in our home

Three place mats at our table

Because Bea is too old for a tray on her booster seat now

A china cabinet, filled with wedding china and my grandmother’s dishes

Because, even though we don’t use them often, I love being reminded of special occasions

What do you see, from where you are?

Linked with Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday.

9 thoughts on “See

    1. I tried commenting on yours, but not sure it went through… (??) Just wanted to say- thanks for the encouragement! Your reflection resonated with me.

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