Five Favorite Christmas Movies

Frank adores Christmas. He begins playing carols at the first snow. (One time we took a road trip to Yellowstone over Labor Day weekend. It snowed on our drive home and we listened to carols in early September.) For him, the Christmas season cannot be long enough. I am more of an after-Thanksgiving celebrater. By the end of December, I am tired of the same songs played over-and-over again. While I easily tire of the jingles, I do love Christmas movies. There’s something about watching the same films each year, remembering the first time seeing them, and reciting lines to favorites. I thought I’d list my top five Christmas movies here (in no particular order):

A Muppet Christmas Carol: Any movie with the Muppets and Michael Caine is an instant winner. This is a wonderful rendition of Dickens’ classic. I used to show it to my second grade students because it follows the story well and also explains any antiquated terms and ideas. Plus, the songs are cheesy and fun.

Yes, Virginia: I have never believed in Santa Claus. Frank claims he still does. We’re still in a discussion about how we’ll present this idea to Bea… When we were dating, Frank read me the classic letter from the New York Sun to convince me of the Spirit of Santa. Of course, when I saw this movie, I had to get it for him. The movie does a wonderful job of presenting the spirit of Christmas in each of us. I look forward to the day when we can watch it with Bea.

It’s A Wonderful Life: I love this classic film in the same way I love rereading favorite books: With each phase of life, I connect with something new. When I was younger, I was so frustrated that George never realized his chance to travel. Last year, as a new mom, I connected with Mary’s strength in creating a beautiful life for her family. It’s a long film, but one I look forward to watching every year.

Santa Claus is Comin to Town: I hadn’t seen this Fred Astaire animated classic until just a few years ago. It’s the history of how Kris Kringle became Santa Claus. I love that it tells the legend of how Santa originated. It’s another one I look forward to watching with Bea.

Joyeux Noel: Though not a traditional Christmas movie, this is an amazing true story of World War 1 soldiers on Christmas Eve, 1914. It shows hope and humanity in the midst of a horrific time in our history. It’s worth watching for the scene of Silent Night being sung in No Man’s Land.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?


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Annie Rim

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4 thoughts on “Five Favorite Christmas Movies”

  1. I do believe in Santa. I actually had an encounter with him as a child. For a change of traditional music try Loreena McKennitt, To drive the cold winter away. And Sting, If on a winters night. English/Irish Christmas music.

  2. I have to go with it’s a wonderful life as my favorite. I’m also a fan of Muppet Christmas Carol. I also like Prancer because it evokes the sense of magic we have about Christmas as kids. I’m not familiar with Yes Virginia but will have to look into that one. I’m a fan of Elf because it makes me laugh but also has an innocence to it.

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