Jesus Feminist

I am a Jesus Feminist because…

In middle school, I would write letters (actual, handwritten, stamped, Post Office, wait-weeks-for-a-reply letters) to a missionary friend of our family’s. Ruth and I met in England, where we had gone for Christmas when I was 10. My dad was speaking at a Winter Camp organized by Ruth and her husband. Since that Christmas, Ruth began mentoring me through letters. I would write my seventh-grade thoughts and questions and she would faithfully respond. In high school, I saved my babysitting money and allowance and flew to Estonia to visit Ruth and Ron for three weeks. Ruth showed me the power of listening to others’ stories. She showed me that marriage is a partnership – that she and Ron have different gifts and talents and they used them wisely. She showed me that women in ministry are people in ministry – meeting the needs of their community.

I am a Jesus Feminist because…

In high school, my mom used the education budget to get her Master’s degree in counseling. After working as a paraprofessional in the public schools, she decided to get a degree in a field she was passionate about. She attended classes on the weekends and during the summer. She worked during the week and continued to help my brother and I navigate middle school and early high school. She showed me that it’s never to late to return to a dream. She showed me that women in ministry are people in ministry – and that ministry doesn’t always happen in a church, but often in a public school setting.

I am a Jesus Feminist because…

During my first semester in college I lived with Sue and her young family in the suburbs of Paris. Sue was a stay-at-home mom with two sons born with a life-threatening disease. She studied French to take care of their daily lives, but also learned medical vocabulary and how to advocate for her sons in a country foreign to her. She studied the Bible and gave sermons on social justice. She showed me that stay-at-home moms are not simply housekeepers but advocates for their children. She showed me that women in ministry are people in ministry – educated and passionate about redemption.

I am a Jesus Feminist because…

I am a mother of a daughter. By the time she is old enough to understand labels, I hope she will not need this one. I hope that our church culture will have evolved enough to not see women in ministry as anything but people in ministry, using their gifts and passions for the Kingdom.

I am a Jesus Feminist because…

I hope Paul’s letter to the Galatians is truly lived out: “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (3:28)

I have been following Sarah Bessey‘s blog for years. Her first book, Jesus Feminist released last Tuesday. Since I have been quietly following her thoughts on faith for so long, I thought I’d join her synchroblog in support.


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